Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT


Technology changes the world at a fast and massive scale. Digital technology makes innovation possible in our society and economy. Cloud computing, data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) will expedite this pace by hyper-connecting people, organizations and data with billions of objects. In such diverse physical-cyber, cyber respectively cyber-physical ecosystems, it remains to be seen how demand side, supply side, policy makers, law enforcement, authorities as well as end-users and other stakeholders are going to understand, build, deploy and use IoT ecosystems and its related products, systems and services.

A. Arthur’s Legal’s Security, Privacy & Trust in IoT Webinars, supported by AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation) and CREATE-IoT (

After the Series of IoT Webinars, which was GDPR-Centric, we will now start with a new Series of IoT Security, Privacy & Trust Webinars.
This Series will be Application-Centric. Where IoT Verticals meet IoT Horizontals.

1. Personal Wearables (H2x): Health, Living, Public Space, and other verticals
2. Moving Sensors (M2x): Farm2Fork, Mobility, Cities, and other verticals
3. Long Term Fixed IoT Applications (M2x): Industry 4.0, Cities, Water Management, Energy, Construction, Living, and other verticals.

These Themes Webinars have an Open Attendance policy; we hope you will join as well. The second Webinar, about Moving Sensors will be up next. If you did not yet previously register, please do so below. Attendance is free of charge, and subject to availability.

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