Pathways towards Climate Neutral Cities

Pathways towards Climate Neutral Cities?

In April 2021 the 2OC Community, a consortium with 57 partners across Europe, led by Maastricht University and which consortium Arthur's Legal is part of, organized a full-day event about Climate Neutral Cities.

The keynote lecture was provided by Arthur's Legal, focussing on the symbiotic Three Pillars of the European Commission:

  1. More Green
  2. More Digital
  3. More Resilient

This keynote kicked-off the event followed by a panel discussion involving: Arthur van der Wees, Tina Comes, Jos Lemmink and Serdar Turkeli as panellists. Thereafter, presentations on a diverse set of climate issues were presented by other experts.

The Climate Neutral Cities Events was recorded, and can be viewed here: Our keynote starts at 04.00.

We hope it will give you additional inspiration to lean in, team up and help out.

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