As a Legal Service Provider, ARTHUR'S LEGAL closely cooperates with its clients from the start of their business (i) to identify and forster business opportunities for the client, and (ii) to avoid legal conflicts at a later stage.

This can be considered a process-oriented business model for legal services. It contrasts with the case-oriented business model of traditional law firms. One of the main differences with traditional law firms is ARTHUR'S LEGAL’s focus on the preparation stages of any business, deal or occurence, well before a conflict may arise. It provides legal services and advises as your business develops, matures and succeeds. In that sense, ARTHUR'S LEGAL operates as the in-house legal department of its clients. It teams up with the client on all (legal) aspects of its business and advises its clients from the initial (legal) contacts with other parties (NDA et cetera), all the way to the signing and closing of the final deal. This process-oriented business model approach and execution has proven to be a succes for all of our clients.

B. LEGAL LIFE CYCLE SERVICES ARTHUR'S LEGAL's services mainly focus on issues, opportunities and challenges in the global business fields, focusing primarily on four major areas, spanning the whole Legal Life Cycle of any business:

1. Corporate Practice, such as: Incorporation of companies, Shareholders Agreements, Corporate Governance, Internal and External Legal Audits en Due Diligence, Corporate Resolutions, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Debt Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO's, Corporate Partnering Arrangements, Joint Ventures, Corporate Litigation, Demergers, Settlements, Restructuring and Insolvency. 2. Usual Business Practice, such as: International Deal Making, External Legal Department, Add-On Legal Department, Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating of all kinds of Commercial Agreement (buyside and vendorside), Tenders and other Business Deals, Counseling on Internal and External Business Matters, and Training of Salesforce and Management. 3. People Practice, such as: Training of HRM Departments, Governance, Incentive Policies, Internet & Mobile Device Policies, External or Add-On HR Legal Department, Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating of all kinds of Employment, Freelance and other HR Agreements, HR Mediation and Ligitation, and Training of HRM Departments and Management. 4. IP & IPR Protection and Information Security, such as: IP Management, Protecting, Defining, Buying, Selling, Licensing-IN, Licensing-OUT and distributing of Technology (whether High Tech, IT, Pharma, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharma, Bio, Agro or other Tech), as well as Patents, Designs, Copyrights, Trade Marks, Domain Names, Trade Secrets and Information/Content as well as privacy, know-how, and non-disclosure, non-analysis or material transfer arrangements. 5. Proactive Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques, such as: Preventive Strategies, Proactive Audits, Legal Opinions, Management Letters, Settlements, Pre-Trial Negotiations, Judicial Proceedings as well as National and International Arbitration and Mediation. Please check out our extensive Services Menu on this Website.


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