Licensing Services

Intellectual property can be a significant revenue earner and  protecting your product or innovation from exploitation is often a key factor in securing long-term success.  At Arthur’s Legal, we can help you with your IP and IPR issues on a global level. From structuring deals to commercialization, we can advise you on the best strategy to safely and succesfully expand your business.

For many companies intellectual property constitutes a vital stream of revenue and profit. We can help you protect, defend and commercialize your trademarks, copyrights, patents and designs on a global scale.

Our successful track record in international deal making has made us experts in cross-border negotiations, in which we combine all relevant market and legal knowledge with our commercial acumen.

Licensing Services that Arthur’s Legal has been providing for more than a decade include:

1. IP & IPR Strategy;

2. Licensing IN (such as sourcing, purchasing, joint-ventures, backbone royalty agreements);

3. IP & IPR Protection & Management, and;

4. Licensing OUT (such as licensing, selling, joint-venturing, reselling and distributing IP & IPR).

Arthur’s Legal has been assisting both sides of the negotiating table, and is ready to engage in your interest and for your benefit.


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