ARTHUR'S LEGAL is the next level law firm, specialising in client tailored, process-oriented and pro-active tier-one legal services for corporations and professionals. ARTHUR'S LEGAL is a tech law firm by design. Est. 20010101.
We mainly focus on national and international companies in the markets of Private Equity & Venture Capital, High Tech, IT, Cloud Computing, (Petro) Chemical, Pharma & Bio Tech, Clean Tech & Energy, Internet, IoT, Robotica and (Social) Media, as well as other industry and financial market oriented entities.
ARTHUR'S LEGAL is based in Amsterdam, the capital and business center of The Netherlands. Its work space is the world, starting the day in the Asia, working through the time zones, and ending the day in the Americas.
ARTHUR'S LEGAL is in business for more than a decade, was founded on 1 January 2001 by Mr Arthur van der Wees. Arthur van der Wees studied and obtained his doctorate degree in business law including corporate, commercial, intellectual property rights, IT, internet, personal data protection, competition and banking law at Leiden University, the oldest (founded in 1575) and leading university in The Netherlands. Before 2001, he already practised law as attorney at law, specialising in business law (including corporate, banking, intellectual property right, competition, insolvency, IT and media law).

Currently, ARTHUR’S LEGAL consists of a compact core of 10 attorneys at law and legal counsels, a layer of several dozen experienced, pre-qualified counsels and other professionals, and a lot of smart tools and technology.

On a daily basis, generally between 10 to 30 lawyers and related counsels and professionals are working for the benefit of our clients. In some projects those numbers increase to about 100+.

All attorneys at law of ARTHUR’s LEGAL are admitted to the bar of the court of Amsterdam.

Both locally and globally, as already touched on above, ARTHUR’S LEGAL on a worldwide basis closely cooperates with other independent counselors, business developers, business integrators, marketers, strategists, civil-notaries, tax lawyers and (other) advocates, which have other or similar specialties as ARTHUR’S LEGAL.


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