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Strategische & procesmatige diensten, op expert niveau:
Arthur's Legal ondersteunt en begeleidt overheden al geruime tijd bij complexe  aanbestedingen, met name op gebied van automatisering, IT, high tech en cloud computing.
Verder steunt Arthur's Legal de overheden met haar expertise en praktische inslag en kunde op gebied van digitale agenda's, veranderingstrajecten, cloud computing, data toegang, privacy, data management & governance, service level objectives.
Zowel Rijksoverheid, ministeries, provincies, gemeenten, waterschappen en andere overheidsorganisaties zijn van harte welkom kennis en gebruik te maken met de hoogwaardige doch hands-on parate kennis en kunde van onze Arthur's Legal collega's.

Vragen & Contactgegevens

Het staat je vrij om elke vraag die je mocht hebben vrijblijvend doch vertrouwelijk aan ons te stellen, via, of per telefoon: 020 - 305 49 50. Wees welkom; we staan je graag te woord.

European Committee & International:

Expert, Strategic & Process-Oriented Services

Arthur’s Legal is an established expert in the fields such as cloud computing, both from user/customer side as well as vendor side, in all parts of their Legal Life Cycle, including system integration, hardware, robotics, wearables, biometrics, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), software, ISP, xaaS, and other IT services, IT Development, Change Management, ERP Projects, Tenders, Deal Making, Negotiations, as well as Escalations.

Arthur’s Legal assists the European Committee, such as for instance DG Connect and DG Justice, as well as related bodies, on these state-of-the-art topics, which the European Committee is pushing for the benefit of the European Union, its member states and its residents.

EC Cloud SLA Standardisation Guidelines.

These have now been extensively discussed with the major cloud services providers and related organisations, and published with the EC press release by EC Commissioners Kroes and Reding.

Arthur’s Legal invites you to have a look at the cover letter and the Guidelines, and hope you are able to use it in some way or the other. If you may have any queries, do not hesitate to contact one of our team members, at, or +31 20 – 305 49 50.

Furthermore, Arthur’s Legal continues to help out and support the European Committee, related bodies, as well as any country or city with a Digital Agenda.


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