Start Up Services

In addition to assisting mature SME’s, mid-cap and large-cap Fortune 500 companies, Arthur's Legal also enjoys working together with relatively small ventures, either in seed stage, start-up or other early stages.

Most of these entities, which also are incorporated within larger companies, usually have one or more of the following characteristics: (A) high growth potential, (B) innovative business and (C) new business or product development ventures within the company itself.

Arthur's Legal helps these 'Early Stage Companies' with strategic legal services and always on a hands-on basis. We advise on all relevant basic legal aspects, including: Business Strategy, Corporate Structure, Governance, Financing, Product Development, IP/IPR Strategy, Supply Chain Management, HR, Market Development, Deal Making and Exit Strategy.

Topics that receive special attention include:

  1. Who, What, Why, How, With Whom, Where
  2. Peers, Spies & Copy Cats
  3. Status Quo & Growing Pains
  4. Various Ways of Financing
  5. Be Ready for the Best
  6. Be Ready for the Worst
  7. Mission & Communication
  8. Exit Scenarios

Stay one step ahead. Avoid being forced to hire a lawyer after the fact, to try to extinguish an already blazing fire. A reactive approach is usually unsatisfactory and costly. Let us work with you to develop a business strategy that is process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on. Arthur’s Legal can provide you with an Early Stage Program that is tailored to suit your needs.


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