Dispute Resolution

The attorneys at Arthur’s Legal know how to deal with escalation, de-escalation, and litigation. Although we aim for amicable settlements, which in most cases end up being more beneficial to all parties, we stand ready to represent our clients in court, in arbitration or other forums. We are attorneys after all.

Our experience in litigation and arbitration covers a wide range of issues including:

1. Business and Trade Litigation & Arbitration;
2. Corporate Litigation & Arbitration;
3. IP & IPR Litigation & Arbitration;
4. Software & Other IT Litigation & Arbitration;
5. Employment/Labour Law Litigation.

Be well-prepared and stay one step ahead. Develop a process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on approach. We always strive to avoid litigation and keep our clients out of court. And, even when things do escalate and litigation seems unavoidable, we will continue to look for ways to achieve an ‘out-of-court‘ resolution. All this, for your benefit. We would be honored to assist.


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