Corporate Counseling

Similar to the role of General Counsel, the benefits and advantages of engaging the services of a trusted legal counsel for the long term are self-evident. Because many ‘business in society’ issues often carry risk (and in some cases opportunities), many firms are finding it more valuable to retain legal advice that can provide an inside perspective instead of hiring an attorney on a case-by-case basis. As your Corporate Counsel, we will, over time get to know and share your vision and your way of doing business. We would be able to collaborate on impending deals and transactions, thus helping you anticipate possible issues and pitfalls well in advance.

Arthur's Legal has been a trusted Corporate Counsel for our clients for more than a decade.
Contact us to discuss how Arthur’s Legal could fulfill the role of your external, on demand Legal Department or Corporate Counsel. Our services in this area include:

  1. Additional Resources (Add-on, Temporary replacement), for instance for General Meetings or Financing Rounds;
  2. Additional Know-how (Co-sourcing), for instance on Regulatory or Business changes;
  3. Deal Making & Handling Negotiations (Outsourcing), for instance with investors and financial institutions;
  4. Help out in Projects & Transactions, and/or;
  5. Dispute Resolution: Escalation, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation.

Stay one step ahead. Let us work with you to develop a business approach that is process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on. Contact us to learn how Arthur’s Legal could become your external, on demand Legal Department & General Counsel. We would be honored to help you succeed.


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