Strategic Partnerships

Cooperation and partnerships are essential in order to succeed in business. We can guide you through these Strategic Partnerships either locally or globally.

The main elements which we have established as the most relevant, and which are due for consideration after the initial development and feasibility phase are the following:

A. Contribution & Allocation of Costs
B. Execution of Cooperation
C. Allocation of Risks and Liabilities
D. Allocation of Proceeds and other Results

These main elements need to be filled in, based on the basic assumptions of and between the parties. The assumptions constitute the vital basis, essence and nature of any strategic cooperation.

Based on the satisfactory outcome of the preliminary discussions with the potential strategic partner, a first draft document, such as Letter of Intent, Heads of Agreement, Initial (or Master) Cooperation Agreement (or otherwise named) can be drafted for further discussion.

Arthur’s Legal assists both sides of the negotiating table, and is ready to engage in your interest and for your benefit.


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