Whether you like it or not, technology changes the world in a fast pace. Cloud computing, ecommerce, internet of things and data analytics are what organizations are talking about on a daily basis and areincreasingly assessing the opportunities, benefits and risks. Technology makes innovation possible, and technology is a need-to-have in organizations, society and economy.

However, risk assessment, risk management, legal and other compliance frameworks have generally not caught up with technology. In these domains, there are many pressing questions, such as:

a. How to ensure compliance in this fast changing world?
b. How to implement privacy principles in practice?
c. How to mitigate security and data protection risks?
d. What are the necessary measures to take following a data breach?
e. What are the risks and costs in case of non-compliance?

Where IT used to be relatively a fairly low regulated horizontal, as it is now considered to be a need-to-have,it will become highly regulated in the very near future.

We can all expect and need to prepare for the wave of regulations in 2018, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018), the Network and Information Security Directive (June 2018), Trade Secret Directive (June 2018) and Payment Service Directive II (January 2018), to name a few in which security and (personal) data protection are essential components.

It is time to get ready for these and related regulations on security and data protection, and jiujitsu-style, make sure that your organization and customers will see security and personal data protection as a solution, not as a problem.

For that, please join our Security & Privacy Workshop Open Series 2017. It is a program of six (6) sessions, the first of which starts in February 2017. Read all about it in our Brochure.

Arthur’s Legal is quoted and interviewed quite often by well-established national and international press and other media. On an ongoing basis, we are being interviewed and quoted as experts about various cutting-edge strategic, tactical, legal, business and internet topics, for instance such as the recent ones, set below:

> Automatiseringsgids

> ISP Today

About ISO 27018 and the Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congres

> ISP Today

CloudQuadrants Maturity & Benchmarking 12 major IaaS Cloud Service Providers

> Cloud Financial Services USA 2015

Keynote by Arthur van der Wees: How Cloud is Enabling the Digital Transformation

of the Financial Services and other Industries in the US and other markets. ‘We do not

see cloud as an option; it is just fact.’

> Internet Consultatie

Wetsvoorstel WIV: Wet op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten

Onafhankelijke feed aan

(A) Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

(B) Ministerie van Defensie

> Internet Consultatie

Elektronische identificatiemiddelen en Vertrouwensdiensten

Onafhankelijke feed aan

(A) Ministerie van Economische Zaken,

(B) Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie, en

(C) Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

> Dutch Cowboys

Big Data bestaat niet. We are not that smart, yet

Fresh views about big data analytics & forensics

> Internet Consultatie

Dataretentie, een belangrijk onderdeel van de Data Life Cycle

Onafhankelijke feed aan Nederlandse wetgever

> Acquisition International Magazine

Data & Technology: The Highway to Sustainable Growth

> Compliance Week

EU Pushing Guidelines for Cloud Computing Service Level Agreements

> Emerce

Europese richtlijnen voor cloud SLA’s gepresenteerd

> EC Cloud SLA Standardisation Guidelines, by Arthur’s Legal, CSA, IBM, Microsoft & Telecom Italia

> Europa Nu

New guidelines to help EU businesses use the Cloud

> Corriere Comunicazioni (Italian)

Cloud computing, ecco le nuove linee guida Ue

> Ilsole24 (Italian)

Dall’Europa le prime linee guida per i contratti cloud

> Computerworld (Portuguese)

Comissão revela guia para adopção de cloud computing

> De Nederlandse Grondwet 

New guidelines to help EU businesses use the Cloud

> Management Team

> Ars Technica

Interviewed by and contributed to Ars Technica:

EU Court of Justice declares Data Retention Directive invalid

> Modellist-ID

> Hacking, Tracking and Leaking: Selfies, Data Access & Privacy

Check out the abridged English version

> Sprout

Over Hacken, Tracken en Lekken: Selfies, Data Access & Privacy

De twee woorden van het Jaar: Selfie & Privacy: interessante invalshoeken over data

> 8 uur NOS Journaal

NOS Journaal 20.00 (zie vanaf circa 10:00). Cloud, Data toegang, Privacy, NSA & PRISM

> Nieuwsuur

Nieuwsuur (zie vanaf circa 8:29). Cloud, Data toegang, Privacy, NSA & PRISM

> NOS Radio 1 Journaal

Op Radio 1 komt Arthur’s Legal over hetzelfde onderwerp circa 5 minuten aan het woord. Check vanaf circa 34:30.


Zijn Europese clouddiensten veiliger dan die in de VS?

> PowNed

PRISM & data: Europa veiliger dan VS?

> Acquisition International Magazine

Corporate Finance & Exit Strategies: when and where to start?

> Sprout

In Cloud We Trust: Kansen & Risico’s in de Cloud

> Dutch Cowboys

Cloud Computing, HR Cloud & Social Sourcing: een kijkje in de keuken

> Acquisition International Magazine

M&A, Venture Capital and Financing: Preparation equals success & protection

>  Practical Law, London/New York

Arthur’s Legal is co-author of Practical Law Venture Capital Handbook 2013

> Internet Consultatie

Cookieswetgeving: conceptwetsvoorstel artikel 11.7a Telecommunicatiewet

> De Ondernemer

Bring Your Own Big Data Device to the Cloud!

> Nederlands Media Nieuws

Arthur’s Legal onderzoekt het gebruik van cloud computing in Nederland

> XR Magazine

Arthur’s Legal onderzoekt het gebruik van cloud computing in Nederland

> Sprout

De nieuwe aanbestedingswet

> Game Politics

France Considers Net-neutrality Law


Frankrijk wil netneutraliteit wettelijk vastleggen

> Webwereld

Frankrijk wil netneutraliteit wettelijk vastleggen

> Ars Technica USA

France could become worlds third net neutrality nation

> Dutch Cowboys

US Tech goes Europe

> Management Team

Legacy is belemmerende factor bij zakelijke dienstverlening

> Ars Technica USA 

The EU funded plan to stick a flag this as terrorism button in your browser

> Sales Online

Tijd voor echt innovatie in zakelijke dienstverlening

> Sprout

Europees octrooi aanvragen wordt goedkoper

> CFO Magazine

BWise, Arthur’s Legal en de Romeinen

> Dutch Cowboys

Cookies inspireren tot nieuwe marketingstrategie

> Management Team

Win klanten met de cookieswetgeving

> Cloud Works

Dreamforce 2012, San Francisco (Print, en online:

> Management Team

Bang voor de cloud: ‘juridisch niets nieuws’

> Ars Technica USA

Proposed EU plan to stop terrorist sites even more ridiculous than it sounds

> Dutch Cowboys

Helemaal up-to-date in Silicon Valley

> Automatiseringsgids

Acta niet nodig voor netter internet

> Emerce

Unieke cookies oplossing GX Software verhoogt opt-in percentages

> De Ondernemer

Garen spinnen bij cookieswet

> Silicon Valley Publication: Ars Technica USA

Europees quixotic plan to clean the internet of terrorists

> Computer World

Welwillende Nederlanders gestuit door Europa

> Management Team

Zaken doen in China: Stap niet in de valkuilen van Apple

> WebWereld

Leaseweb laakt handelen overheid bij neerhalen site

> Computable

Organisaties zien toekomst cloud zonning in

> Sprout

Smart Up your start-up: Klaar voor de klop op de deur

> Tech Business

Overname als techstart-strategie

> ChannelWeb

Organisaties zien toekomst cloud zonnig in

> IT Executive

Nederlands management wil cloud betalen naar gebruik

> MarqIT

Nederlandse organisaties zien toekomst cloud zonnig in

> Breekpunt

Populariteit cloud diensten neemt toe

> Outsourcing Magazine

Nederlands management wil cloud betalen naar gebruik

> Financieel Management

Nederlandse organisaties hebben vertrouwen in toekomst cloud computing

> ThinQ

Nederlandse organisaties vertrouwen op cloud computing

> Sprout

Hoe is het nu met: Jeroen Voorham van MAXAM Medical

> WebWereld en Nationaal Privacy Debat

Data zijn de nieuwe valuta

> Automatiseringgids

Patriot Act maakt cloudopslag onzeker

> Censuur op Internet

Leaseweb laakt handelen overheid bij neerhalen site

> Sprout

Stap niet in de valkuilen van Apple

>  Het Financieele Dagblad iPad in China

>  Automatiseringsgids ACTA: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement


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