HRM Counseling

Your employees are the bedrock of your success. At Arthur's Legal we understand the benefits and challenges of managing your human capital, whether they are directors, officers, full-time employees, freelancers, consultants or agents. We provide legal advice on:

  1. Strategy & Recruitment
  2. Preparation of Employment
  3. Human Capital & Mobility
  4. Culture & Codes of Conduct
  5. Transparency & Communication
  6. Workflow & Sourcing, including Crowdsourcing
  7. Works Council & Consultation
  8. Social Media & Mobile Devices
  9. Innovation & Incentive Policies
  10. Cost Savings & Incentive Policies
  11. Motivation & Incentives
  12. Know How & Intellectual Property
  13. International & Supply Chain
  14. Harmonization & Restructuring
  15. Conflicts & Sickness
  16. Termination, Social Plans & Alumni

Good preparation equals success & protection. That’s why Arthur’s Legal comes in well in advance, and to work with our clients to achieve their goals. Stay one step ahead. Let us work with you to develop a business approach that is process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on. Contact us to learn how Arthur’s Legal could provide you with a tailored program to manage your Human Resources. We would be honored to help you succeed.


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