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For more than a decade, our attorneys have been assisting clients with matters relating to Information Technology and Communications. Digital solutions such as the Cloud, not only provide companies with added efficiencies and flexibility, but also present new risks to data security and privacy.

Arthur's Legal has represented more than 100 clients in this area including: IT firms, internet service providers, software and cloud computing vendors. We provide advice in areas such as: system integration, hardware, robotics, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, software, ISP, xAAS, and other IT services, IT Development, Change Management, ERP Projects, Public and Private Tenders, OEM Projects, Joint Ventures, Deal Making, Negotiations, as well as Escalations, Arbitration and Litigation.

Arthur's Legal has also represented many companies and non-profits in the purchase and implementation of  new technology products and services. We know and understand the concerns and interests from both sides and are well equipped and ready to engage in your interest and for your benefit.

CloudQuadrants: IaaS Cloud SLAs Compared, Amsterdam: If you would like to know what happens it you compare the top 12 IaaS cloud providers in the Netherlands (being 8 US IaaS CSPs and 4 Dutch CSPs), check out the above website of CloudQuadrants, an initiative of Arthur’s Legal with the independent cloud architect firm, Weolcan, and have a look at our several CloudQuadrants’ products and services offerings.

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