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Data is not a four letter work: More more than two decades, the attorneys at Arthur’s Legal have been assisting our clients with deals and matters relating to data, information and know how, such as for instance Confidential Information, (Big) Data Analytics, Personal Data Proction, Data Management, Privacy by Design and Cybersecurity.

Our firm has represented both sides of the Data, Information and Know-How flows and exchange and therefore understands the concerns and interests from either side.

Arthur's Legal has a 3D approach on data, as data itself is not a four letter word but a multi-story, semi-silo-ed pool of numerous data types that may interact with each other. Think about classified data, sensitive data, personal data, derived data, proprietary information, IPR, machine-readable data and encrypted data.

Human Factor: At Arthur's Legal we never forget the human factor, including individual, organisational or other sociological sides of the use and non-use of data, processes, documents and systems. This, as human ignorance or error will remain the biggest issue in privacy and security. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

From Inventors to Personal Data Protection to Data Analytics: For example, we help inventors, technology companies and laboratories to control, protect, exchange and manage their information flows (see Licensing Services section). Additionally, we assist more than 10 hospitals with controlling, protecting and managing their personal data. On the other side, we also advise social media clients with issues pertaining to (Big) Data Analytics, e-Privacy, Privacy by Design, Cookies, and Privacy Level Agreements (PLA).

Cloud Architects Alliance: Arthur's Legal is part of the expert panel of the Cloud Architect Alliance conference, and continues to supporting and lecturing several governmental of departments about cloud computing.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA): Arthur’s Legal is a member of and contributor in the PLA Working Group of CSA, a team of data protection law processional familiar with cloud services (including several national Data Protection Authorities). The current deliverable that the WG has been working on is PLA v2 (to be make publicly available soon), which helps companies and organisations with a comprehensive framework on mandatory privacy laws and regulations in the 28 Member States of the EU, and provides them with a tool to evaluate achieving EU wide data protection. The level of privacy compliance is key; being 100% compliant in all cases is not.

A powerful self-regulatory tool to help cloud customers better understand and evaluate cloud service providers in the EU is now available here free of charge.

Ars Technica: On a frequent basis, Arthur’s Legal is invited as expert by Ars Technica in its expert panel on the Future of Cloud. In a particular live chat the main topic was ‘Taking back privacy in the cloud’. Together with Ars Technica IT Editor, Sean Gallagher as moderator, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Arthur’s Legal joined forces to discuss this interesting, and complex topic. Futhermore, Arthur’s Legal is admitted and contributing as expert at for instance Sprout, Dutch Cowboys, De Ondernemer & Tijdschrift IT Management.

Arthur’s Legal is ready to engage: At Arthur’s Legal, we are experienced and ready to help you with your data management and business optimization goals, as well as protect valuable data globally by combining relevant market and indepth legal knowledge with our commercial acumen.

To learn more about Data, Information Flows, Data Protection, Cookies and other (e)Privacy, please check out our Media Centre, especially the Hot Topic Section and Press Section. Thank you.


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