Growth Financing

Arthur’s Legal provides customized proactive legal services for (A) new ventures (startups, other early stage ventures as separate entities and as part of large multinationals) and (B) investors (venture capitalists, private equity institutions and merchant banks).

We assist both sides of the negotiating table.

Arthur’s Legal utilizes a proactive and precautionary approach that creates the possibility to manage and deal with potential legal matters at a very early stage and a structure that adds value and (quicker) revenues.

Without compromising quality, we implement a unique, process-oriented approach to real cost management and savings that is customized to suit each client.

Whether you are an investor or a company looking for capital, Arthur’s Legal knows how you can:

1. Optimize and improve your businesses to ensure further growth.
2. Secure the future for all parties – investors and other stakeholders.

We are ready to engage for your interest and benefit.

Arthur’s Legal: a small step but a big opportunity to add value to your business ventures and investments.


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