Packaged Services

In keeping with our “New Style“ approach, Arthur's Legal has chosen a pricing system that goes against the traditional model used by other firms. We accept that clients should know exactly what they are paying for each service. Just like other law firms, we have the possibility to work with an hourly fee arrangement. However, unlike other firms, we provide many services, such as  projects, documentation and similar items, on a fixed fee basis.

This fixed fee structure begins with a thorough case assessment upfront in order to really understand the particular project and the desired objective. A fee is then determined after an agreement is reached on the scope and resources required. One of the main benefits for you as a client, is that you know in advance what the costs will be, so you can budget and avoid surprises after the fact.

We have the experience, as well as the process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on approach that is necessary to provide you with the best legal services – discussed and agreed upon in advance. Arthur’s Legal will provide you with a tailored proposal as a starting point for further discussion. We would be honored to assist.


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