Collaborative Trust Framework, for Public Education & Private-Public EdTech Trust & Trustworthiness, as Enablers


Launch! Collaborative Trust Framework, for Public Education & Private-Public EdTech Trust & Trustworthiness, as Enablers  


During the seminar in April 2022, the first iteration (v0.1) of the Collaborative Trust Framework for Public Education and Public-Private Edtech Trust & Trustworthiness has been launched.

The aim of the framework it so build, achieve and sustain trust and trustworthiness between stakeholders in the public education sector, including without limitation students, teachers, educational institutions, procurement and its providers digital services and other EdTech.

All this, to contribute to protect and strengthen public values. The Trust Framework is a set of trust components worked out into deployable principles. It’s designed for those stakeholders that want to build a long-lasting, trustworthy business with a short, mid and long term positive effect on (public) education.

The seminar was initiated by Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau. Constantijn has been committed to education for years, which contributes to 21st century skills and a better startup and scale-up climate in the Netherlands.

Speakers and participants present of the seminar were: Cees Plug, Anjo van Kelckhoven, Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Ewoud de Kok, and Arthur van der Wees of Arthur's Legal, which firm lead the project. The overview of speakers with their profiles can found here here. The seminar will be moderated by Frits Bussemaker.

To learn more about this initiative and the Collaborative Trust Framework, and next steps :



Public education finds itself, post COVID, on the eve of rapid digitalisation. In order to achieve the scale and pace of innovation, public education is expected to become more reliant on private EdTech companies. Therefore it will be off strategic importance to look after the public values in this transition. The Trust Framework is an initiative to establish long-term trustworthy private EdTech partners, securing and potentially strengthen the public values in education.

The TrustFramework is open source and is iteratively built based on rolling releases. Since this is a new field, and resources are limited, the expectation is that it will require significant amount of iterations to get to a more consistent version.

The TrustFramework is an initiative of Educational Leaders and FeedbackFruits, an EU based EdTech scale-up. The dream is to inspire EdTech entrepreneurs and standard setting bodies to strengthen the public values in higher education. Starting with the development of a framework to guide (young) EdTech companies in Trustworthiness by Design.

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