Webinar Workshop, 30 June 2023, 15.30 – 17.00: Trusted AI-Aided DAOs as part of People-Centric Living & Learning Systems in the Digital Age


In this Digital Age, we find ourselves confronted with ongoing streams of societal challenges on the one hand, and innovation and new opportunities on the other. To catch up and keep up with those, adapt, benefit and most of all stay on top of those, sometimes seems impossible. Let alone, to do so in a dynamic, sustainable, inclusive, affordable, future-proof and otherwise people- and planet-friendly way.

In collaboration with (A) John Clippinger, Co-Founder at Bioform Labs and Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab City Science Group, where he is for once working in the design of smart tokens to incentivize the transition to sustainable energy within cities and the creation of innovative and commons based economies within cities, (B) New Trust Foundation, (C) Institute for Future of Living, (C) Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age, and (D) Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems, we are organising a 90-minutes, free-of-charge webinar to explore these challenges and opportunities, led by nature.

We herewith warmly invite you to join this webinar to have an open dialogue with you about compelling use cases – of any kind – to explore, try and deploy, while making sure any exploration, test and deployment will be highly ethical, modest, controllable and scalable. During the webinar we will focus on, if and what extent:

A. a decentralized, democratic autonomous organisation, organism or system (‘DAO’) as a people- & planet-centric, multi-stakeholders-controlled, democratic community without centralised leadership,

B. such DAO can be advanced with transparent and trustworthy AI-aided capabilities – for once based on active inference, and the like –,

C. while only focusing on addressing societal challenges – such as, for instance, set forth in the visual below,

D. all this, in a future-proof, resilient and accountable way.

That’s why this webinar is titled: Trusted AI-Aided DAOs as part of People-Centric Living & Learning Systems in the Digital Age. It is high-time to, now, join forces.

Each day, each of us are all exploring, trying, failing, retrying, testing, pivoting, deploying and continuously improving – what we like to call – People-Centric Living & Learning Systems.

Whether one are focusing on (eco)systems in the public sector – local, cities, regions, nations, federations, global or otherwise –, private sector, research, academia and NGOs – small or large –, multi-helix, cross-sectorial or other societal sectors of any kind, or whether one are focusing on any societal challenge, domain, dimension or other part of life and living, making technology, data and digital systems truly work, useful, transparent, trustworthy, resilient, future-proof and accountable is not an easy feat.

Perhaps one of the main reason may be that we still do not understand each other, and have not, yet, been truly joining forces with each other in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary ways.

Friday 30 June 2023, 15.30 -17.00 CET

Webinar Workshop Programme:

15.30 – 15.40       Welcome

15.40 – 16.00       Brief introduction about Bioform Advanced DAOs, by John Clippinger

16.00 – 16.20       Bringing Societal Challenges to Operationalize, by Arthur van der Wees

16.20 – 16.50       Open Dialogue about Compelling Use Cases: Who wants to go First? Where to Start? Who to Involve?  What does it Take?

16.50 – 17.00      Next Steps & Closing

Attendance is free of charge, and subject to availability.

Interesting in joining? Please subscribe below, and use these credentials to log-in on 30 June 2023 just before 15.30 CET.

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The third part of the webinar, the workshop, will take place under Chatham House rule, allowing us to speak more freely where desired.

We look forward welcoming you at the webinar workshop, and start and further the dialogue. Let’s Team Up!




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