Arthur's Legal

Escalation Services

As a New Style Law Firm, Arthur’s Legal recognizes that the volatility that has plagued the financial sector over the past decade has created a ‘new normal' when it comes to doing business and assessing risk. We do our best to assist our clients to avoid legal pitfalls by creating pro-active and preventative measures. However, in every business there will sometimes be incidents that are not preventable.


But even when this happens, a well-prepared strategy can successfully prevent a spark from becoming a dangerous and expensive legal inferno.


When discussing an escalation with a client, Arthur's Legal will initially focus on:

  1. The Status Quo;
  2. Assessment of Documentation in place;
  3. Considerations about Revision, Updating or Termination of a contractual relationship;
  4. Assessment of and preparing towards Alternatives;
  5. Assessment of possible (un)expected Countermeasures by the other party;
  6. Protecting the Daily Business;
  7. Preparing Communications with Press, Staff and other Stakeholders;
  8. Establishing whether and how to Update the relationship;
  9. Establishing whether and how to Terminate the relationship, in a controlled way;
  10. Assessment of possible (un)expected Claims by the other party;
  11. Assessment of various possible Roads towards your Goal;
  12. Escalate Diligently and Intelligently;
  13. Document Escalation and;
  14. Document the Settlement.

Stay one step ahead. Let us work with you to develop a business approach that is process-oriented, proactive, cost-effective and hands-on. Contact us to learn how Arthur’s Legal could provide you with an Escalation Plan, and assist you in executing it towards success. We would be honored to help you succeed.