Deal Making Services

Arthur's Legal is an expert at international deal making services with a specific focus on multinational IP, IPR & Product protection, marketing and exploitation. These include: defining, buying, selling, licensing and distribution of high technology products, software, internet services, trademarks, domain names and content as well as privacy, trade secrets and non-disclosures. Our advice is based on a thorough understanding of our Clients’ particular business and objectives as well as the marketplace in which they operate. In fact, we operate on the premise that knowing our client’s market, customers, suppliers and competitors is just as important as knowing and interpreting the law. At Arthur's Legal our mission is to challenge the status quo of the legal services delivered by traditional law firms. We will join forces with you, providing the additional resources and expertise your team needs to secure the best possible deal. Our signature proactive and precautionary approach allows you to manage and deal with potential legal issues at a very early stage, which could add value and speed up revenues. This often includes savings to costs, reputation and goodwill. Finally, without compromising quality, we implement a unique, process-oriented approach to real cost management and savings that is customized to suit each client. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss how we could assist you in the best possible way, by providing the most time and cost efficient service. We would be happy to provide a tailor-made offer, just for you.


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