‘AI that Works’ chapter written by Arthur’s Legal in published Book

At Arthur’s Legal we believe in the agility and resilience of people, communities, companies and other organisations. Each has great capabilities to improve, stay relevant and remain future-proof. On a daily basis, we walk the talk and join forces with our strategic customers and other partners to co-create mission-driven opportunities and jointly address challenges, in a practical, accountable and sustainable way. All the way.

For instance, we are building the DNA of the interdependent domains of societal challenges, data and data strategies, algorithms, robotics, cyber-physical, hyperconnected and other digital ecosystems while taking into account the dimensions of human values, data sharing, trust, (cyber)security, privacy as well as ecological and economic sustainability, dynamic assurance and accountability.
In that context, we have co-authored a recent publication ‘Trusted Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing’; a Review of the Emerging Wave of Ethical and Human Centric AI Technologies for Smart Production. The final chapter, ‘AI that Works’, is written by our team members.
The hardcover can be bought on different channels (f.i. Elsevier Europe, Amazon, etc.) but can also be purchased by the offical publisher Now Publishers and can be bought for the price of $110 US dollars here.

For a free of charge download of the e-book click here . Intersted in the chapter ‘AI for Good’written by three of our colleagues of Arthur’s Legal, the authors: Arthur van der Wees, Ana Ida Hudig and Celine Prins, feel welcome to directly download it here.

This publication has been made possible by the consortium STAR EU Project in which Arthur’s Legal is an official partner.

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